Iron in Water in NW Indiana

Most well water in NW Indiana does contain a measureable level of Iron. The iron in water ruins clothing, causes hair to turn odd colors, stains landscaping features, and ruins household fixtures.

Finding the best equipment application for a specific iron problem can be tricky. Typically, a low level of iron: 1.5 ppm or less, can be adequately treated by a high quality water softener.In these situations, no iron filter is needed unless household water demands are substantial. With a test result of 2 ppm or more, an iron filter and water softener working in tandem is more than likely the best equipment application for solving the problem on a long term basis.

Iron Bacteria, is another common problem in our area. While not usually harmful to one's health, iron bacteria is an unpleasant smelling, rusty gelatinous substance that will cause problems within the household. A water softener and/or air oxidizing iron filter will not adequately treat for bacteria. There are methods for treatment, and all that seem effective involve the introduction of some form of disinfectant: Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide, or exposure to O-Zone.

Puritan Iron Trap

The Puritan Iron Trap is a single tank iron filter that "assists" the water softener in non-iron bacteria applications.The Iron Tap is considered "green" technology as it uses air as the oxidizer which permits the entrapment of iron particles into its unique blend of filtration media. It is virtually maintenance free and uses no chemicals or salt for regeneration purposes. Best applications are limited to less than 3 ppm of Iron and lower levels of Hyrdrogen Sulfide Gas

Product Features

  • Requires no chemicals or salt
  • Removes Iron and Sulfur
  • Provides for pretreatment before the water softener
  • Lengthens the life of water softeners
  • Water Softener salt usage decrease


For most applications, the Iron Filter is installed in-line after the well pressure tank, but before the water softener. We use plumping materials that are consistent with what is in the home. Installation charges start at $75 for a basic application, and will be quoted specific to the application in the written estimate.

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