Bottle-Less Water Dispensers

We offer a variety bottle-less water dispenser options to business and residences in NW Indiana. Over the years, these units have become a popular replacement to bottled water service in business, office and industrial settings. There are advantages and disadvantages, and since application variables differ from placement to placement, all factors need to be considered before making the best choice.


  • No lifting and changing of water bottles
  • Potential for Cost Savings


  • Water quality dependent on facility/home pre-treatment
  • Potential for Cost Increase
  • Unit Installation/Placement Limitations

Why Choose Coastal Valley?

There are many providers of Bottle-less Systems in the marketplace. Some have a background in the water treatment and bottled water business, others do not. Some demand long term contracts, and charge for service calls, others do not. Some will sell the lease contract to a third party equity group after it is signed, others are locally owned, ethical and customer service oriented. Some employ commission based salespeople who don't always provide or know all of the facts. Others take a straight-up approach, provide the facts, and don't make promises of "magic water".

Natural Choice ION Dispenser

Made in the Rockford IL, the ION is the ultimate drinking water appliance. While unique in design and appearance, the ION's versatility sets it apart from other Bottle-less units. There are no other bottles-less water appliances available today that can offer the features and benefits of the ION.

  • InstaChill - No reservoir-No contact with Air
  • Cooling Capacity – 6+ Gallons of Cold water per hour
  • RapidHot – Hot water capacity of 2 Gallons per hour
  • Pure Alert Monitor – Filter Change Alarm
  • SleepMode – Program to save energy nights and weekends
  • Compact Size – Allows for countertop placements
  • 9" Dispensing Gap – Allow for easy filling of coffee pots & water bottles
  • Hygienic Design – Sealed internal pathway
  • ION Microprocessor Control – Proprietary software ensures high performance in extreme conditions

For additional information on the Natural Choice ION:

Healthy Solutions For Your Water

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